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2010 – Top Entrepreneur for the Year Award

This Award is prestigious endorsement and a mark of recognition of not only quantitative achievements such as financial performance but also affirms qualitative aspects include business model and innovations, management ideals and governance.

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The Guest of Honour Mr Gan Kim Yong (Minister for Manpower) presented The Top Entrepreneur for the Year 2010 Award.
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With its 22-year legacy, The Entrepreneur of the Year ~ A Rotary-ASME Award is the oldest Award in Singapore that honours local entrepreneurs who have established and sustained a successful and profitable business.

Since its inception in 1989, the Award has paid tribute to hundreds of local entrepreneurs who have demonstrated excellence and drive in their field of business, while making social contribution a significant part of their business philosophy. The Award has since grown to become a prestigious mark of success that entrepreneurs aspire to attain, and a platform where deserving entrepreneurs are showcased nationally.

22 years on, the Award continues to honour the crème de la crème of the local business community whose courage, foresight and determination have created and sustained successful, growing business ventures.

A commissioned TV Series, ‘The Entrepreneur’ will be aired on Channel News Asia to feature the Top Entrepreneurs of EYA 2010. The programme will include interviews, profiles of the Top Entrepreneurs, Award Co-Organisers, highlights of the Press Conference, Final Judging Day and finally, the Award Presentation Ceremony.

There will be 1 evening main telecast and 3 daytime repeat telecasts for each of the 3 episodes. Trailers are also produced and will be broadcasted 2 weeks before the debut episode to inform viewers about the programme.

Appended below is the schedule for the main telecast and repeat telecasts for all episodes.

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