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RDBMS -Business Intelligence

The ability of an enterprise to gather and analyze huge amounts of data from varied sources about customers, vendors, trading partners, external markets, internal processes and the overall  business  environment  determines  its  success  in  the  long-run. The criticality of information in decision-making makes it imperative for an enterprise to invest in the creation of an enterprise-wide business intelligence solution and building a data-warehouse – the nerve center of business intelligence. At ITCAN, we understand the value of information in mission critical decision-making.   Our knowledge capital in “business intelligent solutions” and diverse industry experience helps us understand the unique needs and challenges of our customers. We provide knowledge workers access to information intelligence from existing applications across the enterprise, using powerful data warehousing and decision support solutions. We help you align your decision support systems and process with your overall business objectives.

We leverage our E-Business and M-Business expertise to make enterprise information accessible Anywhere, Anytime. We provide end-to end business intelligence solutions – from strategizing to building a custom application using our framework to implementing an off-the-shelf product, customization and integration with enterprise applications.

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