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We, at ITCAN understand the value of time, effort and investment. With knowledge capital and experience across diverse technologies and industries and global ASEAN delivery capabilities, we are the preferred outsourcing partner for several large enterprises.

Business Process Management

Business Process Management (BPM) is a growing technological trend, which can address these deficiencies in the current IS development paradigms. Business Process Management aims to make explicit the processes that are embedded in applications. Enterprises are moving towards to implement BPM, business processes, like data, will have to Explicit process management to reside in their own management systems where they can be enable rapid reaction to analyzed to determine the best way to conduct business. They process change Can then be passed along to business partners in a common language describing how a particular process should be performed. BPM is maturing as a concept and firms at the innovation frontier are already considering BPM as an alternative to bespoke architecture. BPM represents the next generation in the evolution of Enterprise architecture in the Information Systems. It has the potential to create an impact future will have a process layer that can overshadow the impact created by the advent of Database Management Systems. A new industry is expected to grow around process management similar to what happened (the fourth-tier) separating the process flow from the with data management application logic.

Re – Engineering and Migration Services

Enterprises today face the challenge to migrate the legacy platforms to retain their competitive edge. The business challenges that make migration imperative are two fold. While on one hand you have your resources locked in maintaining your legacy platforms, on the other you are losing out on the business benefits of the new age technology.
What you need is a right migration strategy which helps you eliminate the high maintenance costs and the lower productivity – related to say lack of inter-operability, associated with your legacy systems and at the same time allows you to leverage the benefits of more recent platforms such as gaining access to the next generation technologies like Web Services. These technologies help you to significantly reduce time to market and maximize productivity by providing seamless working environments through advanced collaboration tools. However understanding the problem and knowing the solution is not enough. Getting there is most critical part of a successful migration strategy.

While enterprises have a range of options such as rewriting or buying new products for the target platform, the only alternative that allows the enterprise to leverage the investments in the legacy and the benefits offered by the next generation technologies is Platform Migration. Furthermore, new interoperability tools and technologies are available today that don’t require the enterprise to abandon investments in existing applications and infrastructures. Thus, reducing the initial investment required to jumpstart the evolution. ITCAN’ Enterprise Platform Migration Methodology allows you to achieve this by helping you develop an effective enterprise application evolution strategy. The Enterprise Platform Migration Methodology provides a framework for assessing the existing application landscape, identifying issues and risks in a well-defined and structured manner and developing a migration strategy and realistic implementation plan that can be executed successfully. It provides a step-by-step process that navigates the enterprise through this evolution.

Value Delivery from ITCAN:

  • Full-time, dedicated consultants and architects specializing in Enterprise BI Consulting & EBI/EDW Architecting.
  • Comprehensive Framework for Consulting and Architecting
  • Re-Usable Artifacts (guidelines, templates, questionnaire) o Architecture Best Practices
  • Seamless integration of Consulting & Integration Services
  • Rich Experience in End-to-end implementation of Enterprise Data Warehouse & Enterprise Data Modeling
  • Product Research and Development
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