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Solutions and technologies give greater customer insight, increased customer access, more effective interaction, and integration throughout all customer channels and back-office functions. As a emerging business and technology integrator, ITCAN offers full lifecycle services, Our expertise “Design, Build, Operate” approach enables customers to turn their vision into a customer focused strategy. Processes are designed around customers, and the enterprise solution around that and that is integrated to the back-office. Empowered customers and rapidly advancing technology is driving enterprises to rethink its basic marketing strategies, re-brand customer service initiative and embrace evolving technologies to:

  • Attract new and retain existing customers
  • Improve customer service
  • Enhance business process efficiency Knowledge Solutions

ITCAN’s domain expertise across industries ensures that we fully understand the fluidity of the environment in which your business problems exist. ITCAN provides end-to-end workforce collaboration services includingKM Process Consulting, Collaboration and KM Applications, Portals, Content Management, Document Management, Enterprise Application Integration, Security and Workflow. ITCAN can help you assess your needs, evaluate technologies and recommend best-fit solutions in the context of your business problems. To cite an example: when an organization is small, accessing its knowledge is easy. Everybody knows everybody and the exchange of information is informal and fast. But when the organization grows beyond a certain size, communication problems begin to appear. Some of these communication problems can be solved by simple technological solutions. For example, a simple intranet application with a database backend that allows Human Resources personnel to view and manage employee information can alleviate some communication problems and even empower employees to manage their own information.

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